Connect your adventure company, activity or venue to the Imagine brand to open a world of benefits

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Unlock the power of a recognised adventure brand and large network in East and South East Asia.

Have an awesome activity, service, or facility in Asia? Want to increase your visibility, access to clients and other professional support through a network of like-minded, experienced industry professionals?  Join the Imagine family!

Key Benefits

  • Get featured on Imagine’s websites, social media, catalogues and other marketing
  • More ‘backlinks’ from more online sources means better SEO for your site
  • Imagine branches from other regions, such as the huge Mainland China market, will have access to you as a main provider for trips they organise, directly unlocking a massive new client base for you.
  • Have access to marketing support, including ready-made templates, web design kits, stylish merchandise, uniforms, branding guidelines and more for a ready-made, super consistent and effective branding strategy.
  • Fine-tune your already professional safety systems, to fit with requirements of key client groups, with support and templates for creating risk assessments, emergency protocols and other documents, as well as advice and consultation on insurance, qualifications, training or anything else from Imagine’s collective experience across all branches.
  • Obtain handbooks for operating some of Imagine’s most popular and well-proven activities
  • Gain access to providers and facilities in other regions for trips you organise for your local clients. In this way you can know that all your providers meet criteria and fit within the same brand, for a super consistent trip feeling from start to finish, rather than assembling trips from unconnected providers.
  • Immediate prestige, trust and recognition via the connection to a large brand, when mentioning your name to clients
  • Never be short on staff: Lend and borrow instructors, guides and facilitators and even designers and management services flexibly between branches. This arrangement works both ways, so it can even provide work for your team on trips in exciting new locations during quiet periods.
  • Benefit from economies of scale on the cost of production of marketing materials, uniforms, merchandise and others.
  • Make use of corporate framework of existing branches, e.g. for invoicing, receiving funds and issuing visas.
  • Feel the excitement of being part of a large networking group and a movement to inspire Personal Development through Action and Adventure. Together, we can achieve a lot more and make a larger, stronger, positive impact on the lives and development of more people across the region.

Types of License

1. Full Imagine Company/Branch: The highest level of cooperation, where you register a company together with Imagine. Everything is fully integrated and you become a key part of the corporate structure of Imagine Asia.

2. Full Licensed Provider: The ownership and structure of your current company remains the same as it is currently. The brand name gets changed to Imagine. You truly become an Imagine branch. You can have a transition period of semi-licensing for customers to get used to the change, or simply announce that you are rebranding. Your image to the public becomes very effective, and you are truly in line with all Imagine branding and can access the vast network and associated benefits.

3. Semi-licensed Provider: You maintain your original name, and most things remain the same as they are currently, with one change – the Imagine brand is added to the mix, in order to gain access to the abovementioned benefits. Choice of wording, such as ‘by Imagine’, ‘in partnership with Imagine’, ‘powered by Imagine’, ‘an Imagine facility’, or simply by adding the logo above the current name. E.g. ‘Rafting Malaysia’ becomes ‘Imagine Rafting Malaysia’, and ‘Monkey Adventure Park’ can become ‘Monkey Adventure Park by Imagine’. Whichever sounds the coolest.

4. ‘Approved by’ Imagine: The most simple arrangement, whereby we send you a kit of door stickers, wall posters, digital banners and other resources, to show off to clients that you are approved by Imagine. This is a stamp of recognition of quality. It also puts you on our database of providers, which other Imagine branches may access if organising a trip to your area. You may also get listed on directories or marketing to an extent. You maintain the identity of your original brand and may not claim to be an official part of Imagine, just a trusted partner.

To maintain the rights to use the brand in any of these arrangements, criteria of quality, safety, brand consistency and other requirements must be met at the beginning and on an ongoing basis. The ongoing training and checks we provide enable you to maintain quality and safety, and can even give you new ideas and resources to continually improve.

Key Criteria

  • Action or Adventure related service, activity or facility
  • In East or South East Asia
  • Ability to deliver services in fluent English and communicate with clients during the booking and customer service process in fluent English
  • Excellent safety and quality of services