Bali is one of the world’s most inspiring locations for an environmental or cultural learning journey. 

Imagine has designed a unique approach to Service Learning, whereby students not only visit and learn about a range of environmental topics, but they are given the task to create their own awareness-raising campaigns based on what they experience. This enables them to leverage the effect of their Service, not only making a small difference while visiting, but inspiring a wider audience from their unique angle. 

Students may choose to tell their story in the form of a social media campaign or blog, or create a video diary or documentary, or a piece of artwork or music to be published in an influential space among peers or the general public. 

 The itinerary during which students gather the content is tailored to each group’s needs, and we have some fantastic recommended starting points if you are not sure. Typical journeys include a visit to the Green School, which exemplifies sustainability through its unique approach to running an educational establishment. Marine conservation is explored through a visit to a beautiful coral reef region. Groups interested in health care topics and English language teaching work can also get involved in related projects in local communities. Visits can be made to sustainable farming projects and other eco- enterprises to inspire entrepreneurial students. No matter which projects students follow, Bali never fails to produce a magical and life- changing experience for all involved!